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MORE SPAM's Journal
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Saturday, August 20th, 2005
8:01 pm
love is a place
im in love... AGAIN... Elias my love my one true love.. ok he's not my one true love but close enough... school is alright.. my schedule is pretty much the same. art art and art.. i have some other classes but really who cares... well yeah im in love with elias... i didn't even realize it untill nicole told me that i was.. apparantly i wouldnt stop talking about him or staring at him at lunch.. my art it suffers.... yeah so anyways things have been okay im sick as hell an fucking vollyball tennis still pisses me off... im doing fine and im in love...


Current Mood: in love
Thursday, July 7th, 2005
2:52 pm
school starts in about a month and man im so not ready... well anyways.. things are okay... i've been tired alot lately and i haven't gotten much sleep.. So i haven't updadted in a while and so i just was on the computer doing nothing and i just decided to write all this crap down.. so yeah.. i am tired and bored and not ready for school...

Current Mood: geeky
Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005
10:44 am
sweet misery...
i had the most horrible/sweetest dream last night....it was so damn weird and not in the cool zombies destroying the town weird... it was about steven... i was in love with that kid.. well anyways in the dream i was on lj and jordan and i were talking about steven like iming each other or something but anyways jordan just shows up at my house a minute later and steven was with him. so then we were in my backyard messing around when he put is head on my shoulder and said something like who's taller or something... then we were walking around like that and we were falling all over the place... and then i kissed him... and it was so weird... he walked in my house with jordan then came back out . he had to stay the night for some reason... then my dream switched to some crap aot toilets or something.. arrrg that allways happens i'm having a good dream and it's ended by fucking toilets. gar... so yeah

tonight your ghost will ask my ghost where is the love.. to night your ghost will ask my ghost who put these bodies/toilets between us....

Current Mood: loved
Friday, June 17th, 2005
6:58 pm
beautiful son
ive been listening to the same song all day
lyrics to beautiful son

You look good in my dress
I’ll get your friends to clean the mess
You look good in my clothes
I can feel you where the doctor goes
My beautiful son
I know
He had ribbons in his hair
And lipstick was everywhere
You look good in my dress
My beautiful son
I know
You’re burried like me
You’re burried
I know
My beautiful son

so yeah i have nothing to do i had to go to the the doctor AGAIN today and i have to go back in a few months... yeah the doctors want to keep an eye on me and make sure im not making DANGEROUS DECISIONS... yeah like id do that.... so yeah in conclusion doctors are dumb...

see ya on the flippy folp...

Current Mood: bitchy
Thursday, June 16th, 2005
12:29 pm
well i went ob hunting the day of yester and well i found nothing well i do't care i don't even wat to work but strangely i have a big project coming up and i need money i have like nly 60 dollars left inte bank and well need a hell of a lot more just to keep things rolling... yeah so anywaysi don't have a job and really miss my friends onein particular.. ANTHONY.. damn i havent seen him in a year and i really miss him. But im still really pissed at him and i really don't know what the fuck is going to happen with him.... he was like my best friend... brittany if your reading this he was mine and he was never yours.so yeah i miss him and i hate summer so much. blarg merry christmas.

Current Mood: nostalgic
Monday, June 13th, 2005
12:52 pm
i just got back from the dentist and in conclusion have... GENGIVITUS...okay not really but yeah they said that i need to work on my gums and blah blah blah... thats not important... so yeah im bored here i have too much to do today to go anywhere but i think i might go to the movies or something... well whatver i'll just see what happens...

Current Mood: busy
Sunday, June 12th, 2005
6:32 pm
btch plz
all of my fucking friends are going to hell.. what the hell is going on really?
so theyre fighting and bitching about crap.. well not really all of them but two of them.. I don't get to see them all goddamn summer and so i don't findout about this crap to actually get off my ass to read they're ljs.... im just so pissed off.. im just want to go to sleep and i want them to work this shit out beause it's dumb.. so yeah.. BYE!!!
2:14 pm
garg.. i hate summer...

Current Mood: sleepy
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